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Earning Blue Credits is easy!

Is one of your employees planning to fly with AIR FRANCE, KLM, or a partner airline? Your company automatically earns Blue Credits. Just indicate your company’s BlueBiz account number when booking the trip.

Simple and automatic

After the trip, your Blue Credits are automatically calculated and credited to your account. Blue Credits remain valid throughout the year in which they are acquired, and the 2 following years. For example, Blue Credits earned in February 2014 remain valid until December 31, 2016.

Blue Credits earning chart

All trips taken by your employees allow your company to earn Blue Credits according to a fixed scale based on the flight and fare.

Earn Blue Credits and Flying Blue Miles!

Your employees who are Flying Blue members continue to earn Miles with their personal accounts.

On every flight, they earn:

  • Blue Credits with your company’s BlueBiz account,
  • and Miles with their personal Flying Blue accounts.

Access to your Blue Credits!

What to do when booking
When you or your employees book tickets online or with your travel agency, all you need to do is indicate your company’s BlueBiz account number (AO12345*). You can also communicate the following references to your travel agency:
  • for Amadeus - OS YY OIN AO12345,
  • for Galileo - SI.YY*OIN AO12345,
  • for Sabre/Worldspan/Abacus/Infini - 3OSI YY OIN AO12345,
  • for other agencies – their specific agency code followed by YY OIN AO12345.

Please note: all tickets must be purchased in the country where your company’s BlueBiz account is registered.
* AO12345 stands for the BlueBiz number of the company

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