The Governor invites you to his table on Ile Plate

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The Governor invites you to his table on Ile Plate

In the 19th century it housed European travellers stricken with malaria. Today this small island, returned to its natural state, welcomes the lucky for an exceptional day.

A catamaran glides over the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, where colourful fish thrive—direction, Plate Island. The skiff has soon beached to allow you to step onto the white sand.

The wilderness of the island, a true nature reserve, provides an immediate calming effect. You venture onto the sandy paths leading to the ruins of the governor's house, which today has metamorphosed into a restaurant, called quite simply, ‘Governor's House'. Reconstructed from lava stones from Mauritian volcanoes, the building displays an attractive contemporary style.

For lunch, the ‘governor' welcomes you. On the menu: grilled fish and seasonal salads. And to end the day away from the world, a cocktail facing the azure blue horizon.

Governor's House
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