Kurand Sake Market: drunk on sake and Japan

Kurand Sake Market: drunk on sake and Japan

More than 100 sakes to taste in this new bar dedicated to sacred liquors.

Along the Sumida River flows the quiet neighbourhood of Asakusa, known for Tokyo's oldest temple, the Senso-ji Temple, and the Asahi beer museum with its golden flame styled by French designer Philippe Starck (affectionately described as a 'golden turd'). The rickshaws of Kin no unko take one back to the past. Not far away, the Kurand Sake Market has just opened. Sake, called nihonshu in Japanese, literally means 'rice beer' and its fabrication is identical to that of beer, including the hops. Here you can taste over a hundred different varieties.

Once the entrance fee has been paid you choose your sake cups and head straight to the fridge where you can take out the sakes of your choice and pour yourself a taste. So, to your health! 'Anata no kenko!'

Kurand Sake Market
2-9-10 Dogenzaka
3F Matsumoto Building
150-0043 Tokyo