Why not treat yourself to a quick and delicious meal! Discover our "ET HOP! À TABLE!" menus: delicious traditional French dishes crafted by leading French chefs and pâtissiers. Let them delight you with these appetizing jars! Available on most flights to and from Paris-Orly and on certain flights to and from Lyon.


Top French chefs, the elite of the French cuisine and pastry world, have created a range of menus presented in attractive jars. Whatever the time of day, in addition to the free snack provided during your flight, you can enjoy a tasty and original meal, accompanied by a varied selection of drinks.

Sweet Menu

Apple compote with a hint of vanilla, a creation from Vincent Ferniot, accompanied by a large muffin with a chocolate and hazelnut filling, a bottle of 100% pure orange juice and a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

Available all day, whenever you like! 

Menu price: €8


Régis Marcon, with 3 Michelin stars, brings to you this jar of pan-seared salmon and green lentil salad, accompanied by a pot of apricot coulis topped with a pistachio-flavored cream by Christophe Michalak, winner of worldwide pastry competition "La Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie" in 2005. 

A taste of the ocean up in the sky! 

Menu price: €15


Alternate your pleasure!

During even months: Poached egg, cream of pea and pancetta, created by Jean-Michel Lorain, 2-Michelin starred chef, accompanied by a pot of mango and passion fruit cream and a chocolate mousse by Paul Wittamer, official supplier to the Court of Belgium. 

During odd months: Tandoori chicken à l'orange with an eggplant caviar, concocted for you by Vincent Ferniot, co-founder of boco and food columnist. Finish your meal off with fresh rasperries topped with a passion fruit mousse and a raspberry coulis by Paul Wittamer. 

Enjoy the countryside at its best! 

Menu price: €15


Régis Marcon and Frédéric Bau, world-renowned pâtissiers, have created this menu consisting of a vegetable millefeuille with a lemon vinaigrette, followed by a dark chocolate mousse topped with an almond crumble. 

Taste pure natural goodness in a jar! 

Menu price: €15


You can order a menu:
- when you buy your ticket, 
- between 90 days and 24 hours before your flight, in the Your reservations section of the website,
- between 30 hours and 24 hours before your flight, when you check in online.
Food allergens, if present in the menus, are indicated for reference only, subject to modifications to the ingredients used.

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